Okay! Here's The Process:


1. You register for the test. Then confirm your start date and that you have ELOO (if applicable). You've already done this we're pretty sure.

2. The day you register we will get in touch with your instructions. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE SPECIFIC TO YOU AND ARE VERY IMPORTANT! you should get these SHORTLY after you register.

3. When your test begins you will get three emails per day simply asking you to rate your hunger. This goes on for 5 days as long as you keep responding. we won't spam you if you're not answering.

4. At the end of 5 days we give you options for getting your results. You also have the (recommended) option of enrolling to track what your hunger looks like under different conditions. This allows us to compare and tell you what worked for you. You can also add advanced options, tracking your weight and other things.

5. We get in touch with your results and the overall findings from the project. That's it!